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10 CC syringe applicator

10 CC Syringe Applicator

The Syringe applicator gives the same even capillary control as the Plasticator, but also offers calibrated accuracy.

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3D Letters and Numbers

3D Letters and Numbers

Available in acrylic, aluminum, and brass. Pick any style and color.

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Abrasion Resistant Sheet, Rod, and Tube

HDPE, UHMW-PE, Nylon and Teflon

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ABS (Black) Welding Rods

Good chemical and stress resistance as well as a combination of toughness with rigidity and creep resistance. 48” long. Choose your diameter and quantity.

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Acrylic (Plexiglass) Sheet

Thicknesses from 1/16″ to 1/2″. Stocking transparents, textures, and all the colors of the rainbow.

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Bubble window well covers by Lustercraft

Bubble Window Well Covers

Replace that flimsy big-box clam-cover with one that will last for years. The thickest, sturdiest, most longest lasting bubble cover available, bar none. Yes, on the more expensive side, but quite possibly the last one you’ll ever buy. Blown from impact resistant 3/16” thick acrylic. Our bubbles carry a 10 year non-yellowing manufacturer’s warranty.

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Safety and security glazing from Lustercraft

Bullet Resistant Glazing

Laminated polycarbonate available in multiple thicknesses to meet various threat levels.

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Custom and standard chair mat profiles by Lustercraft

Chair Mats

Deluxe thickness and heavy weight. We offer large sizes and we custom cut to fit your office perfectly!

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Chemical Resistant Sheet, Rod, and Tube

The plastics in our industrial line provide amazing chemical resistance.

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Clear acrylic cabochon

Clear Acrylic Cabochon (Half-Sphere)

Beautiful, crystal-clear acrylic half spheres.

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Clear corner brace

Clear Acrylic Corner Block

Reinforce corners and panels either horizontally or vertically with this clear acrylic block

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Clear acrylic corner brace

Clear Acrylic Corner Brace

Made of Clear Acrylic, this is another style for reinforcing corners and panels.

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