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3D Letters and Numbers

3D Letters and Numbers

Available in acrylic, aluminum, and brass. Pick any style and color.

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Abrasion Resistant Sheet, Rod, and Tube

HDPE, UHMW-PE, Nylon and Teflon

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ABS (Black) Welding Rods

Good chemical and stress resistance as well as a combination of toughness with rigidity and creep resistance. 48” long. Choose your diameter and quantity.

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Acrylic (Plexiglass) Sheet

Thicknesses from 1/16″ to 1/2″. Stocking transparents, textures, and all the colors of the rainbow.

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10 CC syringe applicator

BD Medical 10mL Syringe Applicator

The Syringe applicator gives the same even capillary control as the Plasticator, but also offers calibrated accuracy.

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Safety and security glazing from Lustercraft

Bullet Resistant Glazing

Laminated polycarbonate available in multiple thicknesses to meet various threat levels.

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Custom and standard chair mat profiles by Lustercraft

Chair Mats

Deluxe thickness and heavy weight. We offer large sizes and we custom cut to fit your office perfectly!

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Chemical Resistant Sheet, Rod, and Tube

The plastics in our industrial line provide amazing chemical resistance.

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Clear acrylic cabochon

Clear Acrylic Cabochon (Half-Sphere)

Beautiful, crystal-clear acrylic half spheres.

$0.56$21.00 Select options

Clear Acrylic Disk

Clear Acrylic Disk

All Disks are highly polished void-free solid acrylic.

$0.57$4.00 Select options

Clear Acrylic Sphere

Clear Acrylic Sphere

Beautiful, crystal-clear acrylic spheres.

$0.28$30.00 Select options

Acrylic cubes

Clear Acrylic Tumbled Cube

These Cubes are useful for acrylic fabrication projects or as-is for display and decorative purposes.

$0.50$14.21 Select options

Clear Extruded Acrylic Sheets 24×48

Clear Acrylic Sheet, 23 7/8″ x 48″ nominal.

Material is rough-cut and may be slightly larger than 23 7/8″ x 48″.

$27.50$107.50 Select options

Vinyl film at Lustercraft

Clear Flexible Vinyl Film

A versatile, cheap thermoplastic of good dimensional stability, good impact strength, and excellent weathering properties.

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Fluorescent Light Diffuser Panels

Clear Prismatic Fluorescent Light Diffuser Panel

Our clear, thick prismatic lenses are made of acrylic that will not yellow like the flimsy styrene panels commonly available.

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Clear vinyl door strip curtains at Lustercraft

Clear Vinyl Door Strip Curtains

A simple way to cut energy costs in your warehouse.

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Coroplast Containers

Coroplast Corrugated Plastic

A high-quality polypropylene twin-wall profile sheet formulated specifically for use in the screen printing, display and packaging markets.

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CPVC (Chlorinated-Polyvinyl Chloride) Sheets

Commonly found in swimming pool/spa applications, CPVC offers a high level of chemical resistance. Particularly against chlorine.

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Craftics #1 Cylindrical Bumper Pad – 1/2″ Diameter

Easy-to-apply self-stick bumpers make great feet for any project.

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Craftics 1/2oz. Plasticator Bottle with 22ga. Needle

Craftics 1/2oz. Plasticator Bottle with 22ga. Needle

Craftics Plasticators and Syringes are the choice for bonding Acrylics and plastics using the capillary method.

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Craftics 1/8″ Clear Round Hooks

Made of clear PETG and can be glued directly to object or used with a hook holder.

$0.25$0.27 Select options

Craftics replacement Plasticator 22ga needle

Craftics 22-Gauge Replacement Needle

For use with Craftics Plasticators (1/2-oz. squeeze bottles) and Syringes.*NEEDLES SOLD INDIVIDUALLY*

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Clear corner brace

Craftics Clear Acrylic Corner Block

Reinforce corners and panels either horizontally or vertically with this clear acrylic block

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Clear acrylic corner brace

Craftics Clear Acrylic Corner Brace

Made of Clear Acrylic, this is another style for reinforcing corners and panels.

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Clear Acrylic Pin-Style 4 Part Hasp

Craftics Clear Acrylic Pin-Style Hasp

A removable pin enables this two-piece hasp to reverse for either corner or flat mounting.

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Craftic acrylic pulls

Craftics Clear Acrylic Pull

Add a professional look to your fixtures with these convenient, attractive acrylic pulls.

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Clear flat hook

Craftics Clear Flat Hook-3/8in x 2in

Made of clear PETG and can be glued directly or used with a hook holder.

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Clear Panel 90° Connector 3-way

Craftics Clear Panel 90° Connector

Create cube displays with our clear connectors.

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Craftics Clear Sonnex Tapered End Blocks

Increase joint strength almost invisibly by using these ultra-slim, high impact, 1-3/4″ clear acrylic blocks.

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Two-part door catch

Craftics Clear Spring-Action 2 Part Door Catch

This clear, two-part polycarbonate door catch has a spring-like tension for secure closing.

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Craftics Clear Styrene Solid Style Turntables

These solid, clear turntables incorporate an internal metal ball bearing system for quiet, smooth-turning operation.

$7.32$10.61 Select options

Craftics Plas-drill drill bits for plastic

Craftics Drill Bits for Acrylic and other Plastics

These drill bits for plastic produce clean, chip-free holes in acrylic and other plastics.

$8.10$27.70 Select options

Craftics Plastrip Heater Strip

Craftics Plastrip Heaters

These strip-heaters offer an economical way to bend plastic and acrylic material up to 1/4″ thickness.

$82.00$125.00 Select options

Craftics Saber Saw Blade

Craftics Saber Saw Blades – 2 pack

Designed to cut acrylic, polycarbonate, and styrene so smoothly that edges can be polished.

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Desk and Table Top Protectors

Desk and table top protectors are typically made from clear acrylic with polished edges.

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Bubble window well covers by Lustercraft

Durable Window Well Covers

Save on shipping: orders of 1-4 window well covers are shipped in a single container.

$67.00$280.00 Select options

Fluorescent Light Diffuser Panels

Egg Crate Fluorescent Light Diffuser Panel

Silver styrene lenses direct light rays straight down and cut the glare of office lighting.

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Egress window well covers built by Lustercraft

Egress Window Well Covers

Storm tested in the heart of tornado alley. Custom built to any size or configuration. One year manufacturer’s warranty.

To better serve you, please provide application dimensions when requesting a quote.

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Extruded Plastic Profiles

Common extruded profile shapes are solid or tubular squares, rectangles, and triangles. We have a large selection of acrylic profile in stock. Custom profiles are available.

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Food grade cutting boards at Lustercraft

Food Grade Cutting Boards

FDA approved HDPE sheet with a slight surface texture. Cut to any size and available in thicknesses from 3/8″ to 3/4″

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HDPE Welding Rods

Resistant to many different solvents, and has a wide variety of applications. 48” long, natural color (not pigmented, milky white).  Choose your diameter and quantity.

$6.50$46.80 Select options

High-density Polyethylene (HDPE) Sheet

One of the most commonly encountered plastics, it is extremely versatile and used in everything from gas cans to milk jugs to slippery slides. Provides good abrasion and chemical resistance. This plastic cannot be effectively glued.

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Twinwall Polycarbonate Greenhouse / Hurricane Panel

Hurricane / Greenhouse Polycarbonate Panels

Easy to cut, drill, and install, multi-wall polycarbonate sheet was originally designed for use as greenhouse roof and wall panels. Because of its rigidity, lightweight, and extreme impact resistant it’s now used for many other applications including Hurricane Window Covers.

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Vinyl film at Lustercraft


Soft, flexible, clear and glossy with good tear resistance and moisture barrier.

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LDPE Welding Rods

Ease of fabrication and cost effectiveness make this material the ideal choice for many applications. 48” long, natural color (not pigmented, milky white). Choose your diameter and quantity.

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Literature Holders

Standard sizes are available to order, or let Lustercraft manufacture custom configurations for those unusual situations.

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Low-density Polyethylene (LDPE) Sheet

This is a softer, more pliable version of polyethylene. Commonly found in “film” form.

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Custom Machine Guards by Lustercraft

Machine Guards

Polycarbonate machine guards protect your employees from the hazards of industrial production environments.

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Security mirrors at Lustercraft

Mirrored Acrylic Cut-to-size

We carry 4′ x 8′ sheets in 1/8″ and 1/4″ thicknesses. We cut to size to suit your needs.

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Novus Plastic Polish No. 1 Plastic Clean and Shine

Novus Plastic Polish No. 1 Plastic Clean and Shine

Gently cleans all plastics without scratching. Leaves a lustrous shine that resists fogging, repels dust, and eliminates static.

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