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Hurricane / Greenhouse Polycarbonate Panels

Easy to cut, drill, and install, multi-wall polycarbonate sheet was originally designed for use as greenhouse roof and wall panels. Because of its rigidity, lightweight, and extreme impact resistant it’s now used for many other applications including Hurricane Window Covers.

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Multi-wall Polycarbonate sheet provides a light-weight, durable, and economical solution where translucent glazing or screening is desired. Multiwall Polycarbonate sheets can be used as a building material for skinning or roofing greenhouses, sheds, porches, or sunrooms. Because Multi-wall Polycarbonate is so impact resistant, it is also used to protect windows from vandals and extreme weather. It’s the material we chose to use as glazing in our Egress Window Well Covers.

Multi-wall Polycarbonate is an extruded sheet that has layers separated by vertical flutes running the length of the sheet. This creates insulative air chambers and also structures the sheet, making it lightweight yet rigid. One side of this structured sheet has U.V. inhibitors added to the polymer to protect the sheet from sun damage. This treated side of the sheet is clearly labeled on it’s protective masking and must be installed facing the sun. The sheets polymer is also formulated to transfer the spectrum of light that plants need for effective photosynthesis. the plastic is clear and allows for near 100% light transmission, but the structured fluting of the sheet distorts the optics and provides some privacy.

Lustercraft stocks two versions: clear 6mm (1/4″) double-wall suitable for greenhouse walls, and clear 16mm (5/8″) triple-wall good for greenhouse roofs and hurricane/security panels. Both are available in various sheet sizes and we stock connecters and edging for both thicknesses. We can also special order a wide selection of different tints, colors and thicknesses. Just let us know what your needs are.

Cutting Multi-wall polycarbonate is easy using Craftics Saber Saw Blades (available from Lustercraft). You may find it necessary to blow the plastic chips from cutting out of the fluting using an air compressor. We recommend drilling mounting holes larger than the shank size of your fastening screw. We also recommend  that rubber washers backed up with metal washers are used in conjunction with your mounting screws.