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Desk and Table Top Protectors

Desk and table top protectors are typically made from clear acrylic with polished edges.

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Protect your desktop, counter top, or table top with a custom acrylic cover. Crystal clear acrylic allows you to enjoy viewing your original finish while protecting it from coffee cup rings, scratches and the like. The typical configuration is to use 1/8″ thick, clear smooth acrylic cut to match your desktop. Then we put a slight radius on the corners and polish all the edges for a clean, finished look. If your table is round we can cut perfectly round acrylic disk in our fabrication shop.

To clean acrylic, use Novus #1 plastic cleaner, available in our online store. Use a clean, cotton cloth. Avoid household cleaners like Windex, as they will attack the surface of the acrylic and cause crazing. Do not use paper towels, newspaper or soft-scrub. They scratch the acrylic.

Surface scratches can be removed using Novus #2 and Novus #3 plastic polishes.