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Teflon Mechanical Grade (PTFE)


PTFE’s density and softness make it deceptively easy to machine, and in virgin grade, has a temperature range from -450°F to +500°F (-267.7°C to +260°C). Teflon has low strength when compared to materials like Nylon, which has almost two to three times the tensile strength of Teflon. You’ll want to use extremely sharp and narrow tools to work with this material.

Teflon’s high coefficient of expansion and stress creep properties can make it difficult to achieve tight machining tolerances. It’s essential to design your application with PTFE’s inherent properties in mind, instead of trying to force the polymer to act against its nature.

It is also suggested that non-aromatic, water-soluble coolants, such as pressurized air and spray mists, are used to achieve optimum surface finishes and close tolerances. Coolants have the additional benefit of extending tool life as well.

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