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10 CC syringe applicator

BD Medical 10mL Syringe Applicator

The Syringe applicator gives the same even capillary control as the Plasticator, but also offers calibrated accuracy.

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Clear acrylic cabochon

Clear Acrylic Cabochon (Half-Sphere)

Beautiful, crystal-clear acrylic half spheres.

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Clear Acrylic Disk

Clear Acrylic Disk

All Disks are highly polished void-free solid acrylic.

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Clear Acrylic Molded 1 1/4" Ice Cube

Clear Acrylic Molded 1-1/4 in. Ice Cube

These Ice Cubes are made from Acrylic to give them their realistic appearance.

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Clear Acrylic Sphere

Clear Acrylic Sphere

Beautiful, crystal-clear acrylic spheres.

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Acrylic cubes

Clear Acrylic Tumbled Cube

These Cubes are useful for acrylic fabrication projects or as-is for display and decorative purposes.

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Craftics #1 Cylindrical Bumper Pad – 1/2″ Diameter

Easy-to-apply self-stick bumpers make great feet for any project.

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Craftics 1/8″ Clear Round Hooks

Made of clear PETG and can be glued directly to object or used with a hook holder.

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Craftics replacement Plasticator 22ga needle

Craftics 22-Gauge Replacement Needle

For use with Craftics Plasticators (1/2-oz. squeeze bottles) and Syringes.

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Clear corner brace

Craftics Clear Acrylic Corner Block

Reinforce corners and panels either horizontally or vertically with this clear acrylic block

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Clear acrylic corner brace

Craftics Clear Acrylic Corner Brace

Made of Clear Acrylic, this is another style for reinforcing corners and panels.

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Clear Acrylic Pin-Style 4 Part Hasp

Craftics Clear Acrylic Pin-Style Hasp

A removable pin enables this two-piece hasp to reverse for either corner or flat mounting.

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