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What Are Polycarbonates

Polycarbonate is sometimes referred to by some of its trade names, such as Lexan® or Maklaron®. This plastic is a group of thermoplastic polymers containing carbonate groups in their chemical structures. Polycarbonate is a strong, tough material, and some grades are optically transparent. It is easily worked, molded, and thermoformed.


Polycarbonate solid sheets are strong, a tough material, and some grades are optically transparent. They are easily worked, molded, and thermoformed. Polycarbonate solid sheet is lightweight, virtually unbreakable and has low flammability. With impact strength 250 times that of glass and 3 times that of acrylic. This plastic provides a lasting protection against vandalism, burglary, and other natural occurrences like high winds, snow loads, and hailstorms.


Multi-wall Polycarbonate sheets are virtually unbreakable and provides as much as 60% more thermal insulation than glass. Its lightweight, durability, strength and ease of installation make it the ideal glazing material, especially for outdoor applications. Structured polycarbonate sheets are the most versatile structured thermoplastic available today. A co-extruded protective layer guarantees the highest stability against the harsh effects of the suns rays and the multi-walled design gives a stable weathering surface.

Common Uses

  • Window & window replacement
  • Electrical connectors
  • Medical tubing
  • Instrument covers
  • Covers
  • Fittings
  • Machine guards
  • Handles
  • Rollers

General Properties

  • High impact strength/Impact resistant
  • Excellent strength retention @ higher temps
  • High tensile, shear, & flexural strength
  • High modulus of elasticity
  • Low deformation underload
  • Excellent creep & cold flow resistance
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Good electrical insulation properties
  • Easy to fabricate & machine

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