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Ultrahigh-molecular-weight Polyethylene (UHMW)

UHMW is sometimes referred to by its many different trade names, such as RAM-X®. This plastic is an extremely tough plastic with high abrasion and wear resistance. The versatility of polyethylene has made it a popular plastic for industrial applications that require durability, low friction, and chemical resistance.

Common Uses

  • Chute, Hopper & truck bed lining
  • Wear strips & guide rails
  • Star wheels & idler sprockets
  • Conveyor systems machinery parts, bumpers, wear guards, & dock protection.
  • Any high wear applications

General Properties:

  • Excellent mechanical properties
    • High abrasion resistance
    • Impact strength
    • Low coefficient of friction
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Easy to fabricate
  • Even @ high temperatures, it is resistant to many solvents.

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