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Polycarbonate (Lexan) Sheet

Stocking clear Polycarbonate sheet in 0.030″ to 0.50″ as well as  1/8″ &  1/4″ in Abrasion Resistant, Sun-Life, Black, White, Grey, and Bronze.

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Polycarbonate sheets, sometimes referred to by it’s many trade names such including Lexan, Palsun and Makrolon, is an incredibly tough, impact resistant material that can hold up in high traffic, public spaces. It is a great choice whenever you are concerned about a panel getting broken. Typical sheet applications include machine guards, security windows, and anywhere impact resistance if needed. We offer General purpose for indoor applications as well as Sun-Life, Abrasion Resistant, Transparent Grey & Bronze for outdoor applications. We also offer opaque Black & translucent White for signage & etc.