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High-impact Polytyrene (HIPS)

Sometimes referred to by its many trade names, such as Styron®, and Lustrex®. HIPS is a low-cost plastic typically used for graphic art applications. It is a tough plastic, but easy to thermoform and fabricate, glue, print, and paint. Hips has excellent dimensional stability which offers ease of processing, high impact strength, and stiffness.

Common Uses

  • Consumer products: Appliance components, toys, TV & audio-visual equipment parts, recording tape cassettes, bicycle trailer
  • Automotive industry: Instrument panel & fittings, gasoline tank
  • Food services: Hot & cold drinking cups
  • Office products: Computer housings

General Properties

  • Moderately impact resistant
  • Can be painted
  • Recyclable with good property retention
  • Easily thermoformed
  • FDA compliant grades available
  • Good dimensional stability Good gloss
  • Low volatility
  • Poor UV Resistance
  • Not suitable for Outdoor use

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