Window Well Covers

Basement window covers manufactured to last as long as the structure they complement

Unit Features

  • Anodized aluminum frame
  • Insulative triple-wall polycarbonate glazing
  • Interior lock adds security
  • Screened and operable side vents
  • Push-button-props support the lids
  • Layered polymer end-panels

Additional Features

  • Pre-assembled and ready to install
  • Factory installation available
  • Custom built to any size or configuration
  • Escape-ladders available
  • One year warranty against defects in material and workmanship

Glazing Features

  • 16mm (5/8" nominal) thick triple-wall polycarbonate
  • Air-cell structure provides insulation
  • UV Inhibitors resist the damaging rays of the sun
  • Glazing has a 10 year manufacturer's warranty against yellowing and discoloration

Framing System

  • 6063 extruded aluminum
  • Lightweight design allows for easy egress
  • Light-bronze anodized finish outlasts paint or powder-coating

Increase the safety, beauty, and value of your home with these unique and patented window well covers from Lustercraft.

• Operational door allows easy escape path from basement.

• Innovative design repels weather, debris, and pests.

• Manufactured to eliminate the risk of injury from falling into well.

• Insulative materials add R factor to your home.

• No maintenance, great looks, superior durability.

• Standard sizes accommodate the majority of homes

• Optional escape ladders available


Pre-assembled and ready to install.

Installation hardware included

3:12 standard pitch sheds water away from your home

Operable screened and louvered vents provide ventilation in summer

Props support lid for easy egress (lift kits are available)

Interior lock for security

Aluminum vertical ladders available

12-month warranty on material and workmanship

High quality E.P.D.M. rubber seals

Glazing Features:

5/8” thick triple-wall polycarbonate has a

10-year factory warranty

U.V. protected for long life

Virtually indestructible

Triple-wall design creates two air barriers for insulation

Framing System Features

All aluminum construction

Light bronze anodized finish never fades

Will not rust or rot

Insulated end panels are a 1/2” thick poly/aluminum laminate

In the event that your window well cover becomes damaged, Lustercraft can repair it for you.

Services include:

  1. Replacement of broken glazing, infield. Serviceperson will visually inspect and replace weathered seals & sealant at no extra charge.
  2. Replace Broken Glazing, walk into our plant and we will cut your glazing in approx. 10 minutes.
  3. Window well tune-up. Includes the following:
    1. Replacement of wedge-gaskets
    2. Replacement of foam seals under operational door
    3. Perimeter re-seal using clear sealant
  4. Field Installations of additional accessories.

Email us at for more information about our egress window well covers.