Logo Rail

Change your showroom displays and layout easily and quickly

Logo Rail is a three-dimensional wall boarder system that allows retail stores to easily move and arrange changeable signs, graphics, and photos. No more costly and unsightly damage to your store's walls from hanging signage with nails and tape. Logo Rail allows you to change your showroom displays and layout easily and quickly.

Patent #5,224,610

Custom Manufactured

Logo Rail is custom manufactured to compliment your corporate identity. Custom color match, rail configuration and signage assesories are tailored to fit your companies needs.

Constructed of 100% virgin grade PVC, a self-extinguishing plastic that meets most building codes. Your display system will never fade, and resists rough handling and harsh cleaning chemicals.

Easy Installation

Installation is easy. Logo Rail's patented system goes together with a snap - literally. It can be installed with screws, nails, staples, tape, or Velcro. If you are planning on expanding or relocating your store, your Logo Rail can easily be taken with you and reinstalled.

Logo Rail has an excellent track record and can be found in stores accross the United States.

Email us at info@lustercraft.com for more information about our logo rail system.